The leonberg

The Leonberg belongs to the second group "the big ferocious dogs" in an under group "mountain kind". Although one often wants to attribute the title "herd-kepper" to him, the Leonberg has no effective vocation. First of all, he is a family dog; he can even be a bit of "millstone". He prefers staying with his handlers to having a big garden, yet a small green area is always welcomed...

Outdoors, he loves lying in a strategic place, where he has a panoramic view for him to kepp on the watch... Indoors, he'd rather have a cool place. He often lies in the way or in front of a door.

Narzaya montant la garde

Narzaya standing guard

He isn't a dog who always barks. However, he gives a warning when strangers comes in. He's a clam and clever dog, whi is aware of his size. He's cool but not apathetic. When he dozes off, he doesn't sleep, rather he watches over the house.

Grown-up, his weight can reach from 45 to 65 kg for a female and from 60 to 80 for a male. Therefore it is very important to follow dog training lessons for at least one whole year, with a puppies' class during the first weeks. Making him sociable and educating him are essential for the Leonberg to live harmoniously in any place and life-case.

 Yekara and Pépette

the beauty and the (tiny) beast - Pépette