Our breeding

We discovered the Leonberg breed in 1999. At that time, we had a white shepherd, who became deaf following several allergies in the ears and repeated otitis, that hadn't healed with some operations. we used to live in the mountains and the dog had been used to going for a long walks without a leash, but then she had to kept on a leash because of her disability. Therefore we wanted to find a good Samaritan for her, and considering all the dog breeds, the Leonberg showed up as the best match.


On 21st December 1999 our sweetie Mendy arrived at our home and went on to fulfill her companionship job perfectly. She became the white shepherd's best friend. As often happens, a single Leonberg isn't enough, that is why a second little female found her place in our house in 2003.

As soon as she arrived , Ulma - said Udja - won our hearts with her kinfness and gentleness. She was so amazing to us, that we couldn't imagine that we would lose her one day... Then, an idea dawned on us: we could continue her line, and that's how Ketameïbane's breeding was born !

From then on, lovely tiny furred beings were brought into the world right in our house, the first time in 2006, and a second in 2008. From each litter, we kept a little female : Narzaya and Okyane, who's the spitting image of her mother. Sadly, Udja passed away far too soon but we often think about all the happiness she provided and all the beautiful puppies she brought into the world.

Oto udja Oto with his mom Udja

Meanwhile, other females joined the pack; in August 2007, Gerda - said Yekara -  from Bora Miloticek's Czech breeding, and in October 2014, Infinity - said Ya'arah - from Gently Giants' Swiss breeding, brought some new blood in our lines.