The puppy leonberg

When a puppy is born, his weight varies from 450 to 650 g. and his size is like a guinea-pig's. When he is 2 months old, he has grown 25 times bigger, and grown-up, 100 times bigger.

 Naissance okyane
Okyane's first hours


For him to have a regular growth, good food is essential, and so is rest; therefore one must absolutely not wake a sleeping puppy. He must also not be pushed too hard when he goes for a walk, at least until he reaches 18 months.

Moreover, the must get used to being brushed as young as possible. A weekly brush is usually enough, but when the dog moults, a daily one is necessary.

The Leonberg is a smart dog and can sometimes be a bit stubborn. He mustn't be rushed (by shouting or shaking him) because he can get upset or be distressed. Yet, one must be strict but gentle in its education.